SOTHYS Treatments

Indulge in escapism with Sothys sensorial body expertise

Sothys is a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas all over the world. For more then 70 years, Sothys passion for perfection has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation.


Sothys relaxing body treatments plunge you into a polysensorial universe that is an invitation to escapism. Enjoy personalized rituals using delicately fragranced scents. A pleasurable experience combined with the specific Sothys DIGI-ESTHÉTIQUE® application techniques.

Escape and well-being, guaranteed!


The brand’s flagship method, DIGI-ESTHÉTIQUE® is an application technique specially developed by and for beauty therapists, to optimize treatments and absorption of active ingredients. It combines acupressure and massage techniques from the East and West. In addition to its formulas, Sothys has always been invested in developing unique rituals that combine sensoriality, efficiency and a personalized approach to treatment, in order to make every visit a haven of well-being that nurtures both the body and the mind. An art that sets Sothys apart.

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SOTHYS Goddess Mythology

Sothys was the name that the ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky; she was perceived by the inhabitants of the land of Pharaohs as the jewel amongst jewels. Men were fascinated by her brightness and her beauty.

One heavenly night, Saturn met the young star Sothys –  even Venus never seemed so beautiful. Their meeting was astonishing and Saturn was overwhelmed with passion for her; this threw the regular rhythm of the stars into confusion.

Venus could not bear the fact she was no longer the most beautiful star in the sky and so she took her revenge and eventually Sothys fell into the dark of the night and disappeared. Saturn cried over forty days and forty nights and flooded the Earth.

For centuries, the world heard nothing about Sothys until the day when she reappeared to deliver her secret to the Earth and dedicat herself to women in order to preserve their beauty and happiness.

As a tribute, she became known as a Goddess.

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